Be Ours: Valentine's Day Giveaway - featuring a secret Starbucks Valentine Frappuccino Recipe

Coming at you with our FIRST blog post!

Y'all- we have a blog!!

Read that one more time!

Yikes- this could be really scary.. or really, REALLY fun!!
To get these shenanigans started, we thought we'd do a GIVEAWAY ... and since the way to our basic little hearts is through a delicious Starbucks drink, we found the perfect "Valentine Frappuccino" from the secret Starbucks menu..

and we are here to spill allllll the deets! 


We’ve only had it two days in a row! 

Today marks 30 days until we celebrate Valentines Day- and we are here to celebrate with YOU!

Not only are we giving you all the 411, but we are giving you the chance to enter our giveaway to WIN an adorable pink Starbucks tumbler & gift card so you can sip on this delicious drink yourself... or share it with your favorite girl gang! Duh!!! 

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Treat yourself to this delicious Conversation Heart Frappuccino


 XOXO - Brandi 




D Wright

D Wright said:

Went to starbucks and ordered the secret drink recipe and it was ammmmmazing! Thanks for sharing!

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